Author Topic: Balver Zinn Acquires Global License for SN100C Lead-Free Bar Solder  (Read 366 times)

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BALVE, GERMANY — November 2012 — The Balver Zinn Group, a premium global brand with well-supported and advanced products, announces that it is positioning itself to develop the opportunities presented by the global license it has acquired for the proven SN100C alloy developed by Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. The license allows the company to sell the SN100C solder alloy in bar solder form globally with the exception of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Balver Zinn is a leading manufacturer of solders, high-quality anodes, alloys and wires for the electronics industry and surface refinement applications. Lead-free products for the electronic industry are one of the core competencies of the company, and SN100C is an ideal fit with the company’s technologies. SN100C is a nickel-stabilized tin copper eutectic, containing a small amount of germanium to reduce oxidation. It generates bright and shiny solder joints, comparable with lead-containing solders and, compared to conventional SnCu solders, SN100C causes substantially less copper dissolution, minimizing the risk of unacceptable reduction in electric and thermal conductivity.

According to an independent study, SN100C is known as the most utilized wave solder alloy in Europe, and is preferred for the higher process temperatures of selective soldering.

“Balver Zinn is Europe’s largest, most modern supplier of SN100C and can offer full technical expertise and back up products to support SN100C such as Cobar wave fluxes and solder paste. We are delighted to now be able to offer our support and experience on SN100C to our customers globally,” said Stan Renals, CEO Balver Zinn – Cobar Division.

For more information about SN100C or any of Balver Zinn’s other advanced technologies, visit Contact The Balver Zinn Group at any of the below locations to order SN100C:

The Balver Zinn Group
+49 (0)23 75 915 182
Melanie Tierling
[email protected]

Cobar Europe BV
+31 (0)76 544 55 66
Marloes Diepstraten
[email protected]

Cobar Solder Products Inc.
United States
+1 603 432 7500
Lance Larrabee
[email protected]

Balver Zinn Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Marshal Jusmal
[email protected]